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Pregnancy Massage

From 0wks-37wks   $85 hr


Lauryn’s prenatal massage is tailored to your needs, from general aches and pains like rib pain, neck, shoulder and wrist pain to intense lower back pain, SIJ dysfunction, SPD and Pregnancy Sciatica.

To achieve therapeutic effects, lauryn utilizes a side-lying bolster system which allows her to work remedially. 

Then she can weave in her knowledge of acupressure and aromatherapy, if needed to create a pregnancy massage 

that is holistic, helping with mental and physical conditions 

in pregnancy. 


Birth-Prep Massage 

From 37wks-42wks   $85 hr


Lauryn's Birth Prep massage is for any woman from 37 weeks onwards. We can start safely using the "induction" points in TCM with Press Needles, Seeds or Moxa, which are not a like a button that will inject the baby but a tool to communicate with the baby that it's time to start thinking about coming out. 


Mixed with clinical aromatherapy tailored to your need on the day and myofascial release, plus mobilizing techniques to open up the pelvis and prep for birth and help with the babies' position.


Postpartum Massage

From 0-6wks  $85 hr


Lauryn's Postpartum massage is for any person who has birthed a baby.

The first six weeks are optimal as the uterus slowly returns to the pelvis, and you're getting used to feeding positions and your new normal. 


The massage can also help with pelvic muscle issues from birth or the cesarian scar healing process and general postpartum concerns like carpal tunnel, mental exhaustion and mild edema. 



Labour & Pregnancy Massage Partner Training 

From 30wks till 40wks  $140 hr and half 


This session is one on one with lauryn. She will train your partner to utilize massage, acupressure and counterpressure in your latent and active labour.


 Your partner will first be taught and guided on the techniques on your body, and then lauryn will weave in different ways to massage while you prepare for birth and when you're in active labour. 

After the session, lauryn will send you a personalized PDF with movements and pictures so your partner can have it on them in labour. 



Holistic Massage

Natural Healing $85 hr



Lauryn’s Holistic massage is a combination of her 20 years 

travelling and training in different cultural and holistic practices.


the techniques like Ayurvedic flowing stokes to balance doshas, thai stretching the sen lines, then Shiatsu Fingers pressure along the meridians. 

all this is combined with  bespoke oil blends to soothe and



Therapeutic Massage

Remedial work $85 hr



Lauryn’s therapeutic massage is designed for recovery from injuries, sports training assistance and focused treatment of muscle groups.


 Lauryn will zero in on the problem area to relieve aches and create movement, this type of massage is normally done in a series of treatments to help recovery.


Treatment Options

Lauryn’s massages is a blend of 20 years of experience, training and educating other therapists 

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