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Revolve Gym 

 210 Main Rd, Tawa, Wellington 5028

Inside Revolve Fittness.

NZCM Clinic

Wellington Railway Building, 2 Bunny St, Wellington 6011

Therapeutic Massage

Lauryn’s therapeutic massage is designed for recovery from injuries, sports training assistance and focused treatment of muscle groups.
Lauryn will zero in on the problem area to relieve aches and create movement, this type of massage is normally done in a series of treatments to help recovery.


Holistic Massage

Lauryn’s holistic massage uses a mix of the tools from her holistic therapy exposure of the last 10 years.

From aromatherapy to soothe mental stress to pressure points to unknot the body, Thai stretching to adjust or Ayurvedic Marma strokes to balance.

Pregnancy Massage

Lauryn’s pregnancy massage is custom made to help you treat conditions through each trimester everything from pelvic pain, rib pain and much more.

Lauryn prefers to assess your pregnancy body concerns on the day of treatment to create the perfect pillow system for the massage from side lying, sitting up  she will work with you to personalise the treatment.