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"The Safest Essential Oils to Use During Pregnancy"

In pregnancy from 12wks till 38wks there are only five essential oils YOU can use safely at the correct dilutions for general wellbeing

if you have a specific condition and need treatment contact a qualified aromatherapist as they have some essential oils that can be used clinically for a particular time under their guidance:

Pregnancy Essential You Can Use at Home for a purpose:

Bergamot -Citrus bergamia

Lavender -Lavandula angustifolia

Lemon-Citrus limonum

Neroli-Citrus aurantium var. amara

Petitgrain- Citrus uranium

(conrads, 2019)

Massage/body oil Ratio 1%:

10mls carrier oil, cream, tui balm to 3 drops essential oil.

Bath /compress ratio 1%

1%: 10 mls in soap or carrier oil to 3 drops essential oil then add to water in a bath or to make a compress

Diffuse / Burning

Only diffuse essential oils for a max of 60 min then have a break for 60 min because our bodies become desensitised to the aromatic compounds and will stop being effective.

Most burners also only need 3-5 drops or less.



Are only specific brands safe for use?

There are only five essential oils that have evidence for use in pregnancy. Does a clinical aromatherapist formulate the brand?

But my friend used lots of essential oils in pregnancy, and she was fine, why can't I?

Was your friend under the care of a clinical aromatherapist? Where the blends are given to her specifically after discussion/consultation.

It does not matter if your friend was okay; this is your body and your baby and essential oils are chemicals and should be used for a purpose.

Someone gave me clary sage to use in labour, is that safe?

Yes, there is a different list that is safe for labour, but please don't use clary sage before 38wks.

Can I start using all my essential oils again once my baby is out?

No sorry, the postpartum period is another crucial time to watch your essential oil use, and there is another list of evidenced-based essential oils for this time. Plus you now need to think about the baby and what they can be exposed too.


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